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Importance Of The Whizzinator

A whizzinator is a device that has been created to look like the human urinary parts, and it can be used to hide fake urine whenever you are to undergo a urine test at work or before a major athletic event. The whizzinator has been created with a lot of innovation to allow you to be free of fear of failing urine tests at work after a weekend of fun with your friends where you used some drugs. There are many benefits of using a whizzinator when you are going for a urine test that you know you do not have a chance of passing because of the activities you were involved in in the recent past.

The first advantage of the whizzinator is that it is designed to have a slender shape which allows it to be put inside the inner clothing without creating an obvious shape that can be noticed by the people collecting the urine samples. With no suspicion being there when you are transferring the fake urine from the whizzinator into the container, you can relax and act as if everything is normal so that you are not caught while in the process.

The second importance is that the whizzinator is designed to have an extended part which resembles a manhood, and you have to squeeze it when you want the fake urine to come out of it in the exact way real urine comes out from your real private part. The fake manhood works in such a way that applying any pressure on it creates a situation where pressure is directed to the storage point where the fake urine is held so that it is made to exit and flow into the small container for collecting and testing.

Thirdly, the whizzinator has a storage location attached to it, and it provides a place where the fake urine can be held until the time when the health officers request that the urine samples should be given so that you go and hand over your sample. The storage place is designed in a way that makes it possible to keep the fake urine at a temperature that is similar to that of normal urine so that the people testing it cannot note that it is at a lower temperature than expected.

Lastly, using the whizzinator will ensure that you stay away from trouble when you know that have you have used some recreational drugs that are banned at your place of work because you can give a fake urine sample that will show your blood is clean. The whizzinator can therefore save you from cases of being fined by your employer for using prohibited drugs while working for his company.

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